[actual] Iceberg


From the frozen shores of Western Greenland, our [Actual] Icebergs began life as driven snow, laid down winter after winter.

As decades turn to centuries, and centuries to millennia, naturally purified glaciers are formed. Slowly flowing back towards the sea, the glaciers extend and fracture, in a colossal release of energy.

An ancient, yet newborn iceberg begins the slow journey down the Canadian coast. Years later, we see the icebergs looming over the remote shores of northern Newfoundland.

We harvest our ice each spring and keep it perfectly preserved to provide your premium ice for whiskey, vodka, cocktails and other drinks.


Our 10,000 year-old [Actual] Iceberg ice was formed long before the Industrial Revolution, at a time when the earth was extraordinarily pure and clean.


Each spring, we harvest our [Actual] Iceberg ice and maintain its frozen state throughout all stages of shaping, packaging, and shipping. We guarantee that our ice products have never been melted and refrozen.


The hardness and density of [Actual] Iceberg ice make for a long-lasting product and slow dilution rate of your drink. Our pure composition keeps your beverage of choice tasting crisp and bright. You won’t find better ice for whisky, bourbon, scotch, or even soda.


As the Arctic snow compacted into ice over millennia, traces of air were also captured and compressed. The subtle fizz of ice-age air becoming unlocked can be a unique experience.

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