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Why choose [Actual] Iceberg Ice?

Our products come from authentic icebergs that are 10,000 to 25,000 years of age. Each piece is ever-frozen, exceptionally pure, and has a slow melt rate, all of which result in a superior drink experience. Where else can you find this type of intimate connection with a 10,000 to 25,000 year-old piece of nature?


Is iceberg ice pure and safe?

[Actual] Iceberg ice is one of the most pure and natural products on the planet.  Icebergs were formed in an era long before the Industrial Age, and lab testing has confirmed their exceptional purity.  The government of Newfoundland & Labrador website states that “Iceberg ice is completely safe to consume.”  Our product is hand cut with food grade equipment, packaged without the use of any chemicals, and subject to the strict testing and compliance regulations of Health Canada.  


How do I know this is authentic iceberg ice?

Dissolved air inside the iceberg ice creates a distinct translucent appearance, and the ancient air escaping creates an occasional audible ‘pop’ that lets you know it’s authentic.  We also emboss the [Actual] Iceberg logo on each piece to guarantee authenticity.


Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use biodegradable vacuum bags, as well as recyclable insulated packaging and cardboard that contain recycled content.


Does your harvest affect the polar ice caps?

Only in a positive way! [Actual] Iceberg is ‘Double Carbon-Neutral’, which means that our business legitimately helps to slow the melting of polar ice caps. We add up every ounce of greenhouse gas created from our business, from harvest to sale, and offset that amount not just once, but twice over.   

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